The Secret of St. Brigid

Software used: Unity, Photoshop

Role: Level Design, Enemy AI Design


The Secret of St. Brigid is a collaborative, team-based project using the augmented reality features of the Google Tango to create a survival horror game which takes place in actual church in San Francisco. The player also has the option of using VR devices to play which will offer a similar experience.


The game simulates a player who has become trapped in the church and has to interact with the Tango in order to escape the church while avoiding monsters who prowl the premises. As the player progresses, AR features will come into play in the form of ghosts who will warn you of dangers or guide you to safety.


My first job on the project was designing the player path for each scene within the actual physical space of the church. These level layouts were created in Photoshop and then imported and implemented in Unity. I also designed all the enemies’ behaviors and senses which they use to threaten and attack the player.