[GDB] Q.B.Z. Old and New Stuff

So these months I tuned a lot of things including the art, the environment and also the mechanics.

Some old mechanics are removed (temporarily, I guess) and some are tweaked a little and some are brand new!

Let's begin with the old stuff new face.

The New Cube

The new cube has a little pop-up arrows on sides, and when the mouse is hovered, it will turn white so that you will know it will activate if you click it.

Range Checking

In the previous version, you had to right click and hold on a cube to check its range.

Not anymore.

Because some cubes have pretty big numbers. It will be pretty hard to check its range while the mouse is still on the cube.

The new way to check the range will be easier, just do a simple right click on a cube you want.

But you can only check one cube at a time, and the range cubes will disappear when you move any cube.

Dead Cube (Color Battery)

The Dead Cubes are made for the color batteires.

In the previous version, you can change any cube with color batteries and this gives the player too many options and choices which will confuse the player a lot.

The Dead Cube is a gray-colored cube which cannot move until you give the color with the battery you collect.

There will not be too many Dead Cubes in each puzzles, which I guess will make things easier.

Elevator (New stuff!)

The elevator cube is just a cube will bring you up when you hop on it.

Some bring you one unit height. While some are 2 or 3 or more.

So each elevator is different. Make sure to hop off after it stops.

The Circuit (New stuff!)

The circuit is something only shows on the wall. It's basically a switch to turn something on or off.

It can control a lot of things, such as the elevator, the door to the exit or the Bridge.

You have to connect the circuit with the cubes. And they have to be the same color.

The Bridge (New stuff!)

The bridge is a cube with a number on a side. When the bridge cube is activated (usually by the circuit), it will create the same number of the cubes to make a bridge.

And that's it. That's a lot of stuff.

I don't think I will add more mechanics or elements anymore.

I can mess with these stuff for a really long time.

Now all the mechanics are all set, it's puzzle making time!

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