[GDB] Working on the new game - Q.B.Z. (Working Title)

Q.B.Z. is a first person puzzle game as a thesis for my graduation school project.

In this game, you have to reach the exit by using your ability that can move the cubes around.

Here are some mechanics that will use a lot in the game:

[ Cube Moving ]

Simply click the arrows on the edge of the cube to move it.

The color of the cube indicates the axis it will move. (x, y and z)

The number on the cube indicates the unit it will move.

Each cube can only be at 3 position: two sides of its axis and middle.


[ Range Checking ]

Before moving the cube, you can check the range of the cube to plan your steps.

The ghost cubes show you the area that the cube will go.


[ Map ]

Sometimes there are several cubes scattered in the level and they make the level pretty huge. So it would be great if there is something that can show the entire level.

And here it is: the Map. The map will show all the cubes in the current level. You can plan your steps before do anything.

The only things you have to remember is you cannot walk around or move the cube or use any item while projecting the map.

Oh, but you can check the range in the map. And that's pretty useful.


[ Color Batteries ]

Color batteries are something you can mess around in the game.

Collect the battery and shoot at a cube to change its color.

Once the color of the cube is changed, its moving axis will change as well.


So those are pretty much what I've done right now.

I still have bunch of ideas are awaited to be imported into the game but I guess it's not possible. Because the more features I add, the heavier debug works I have to do.

Still, I will pick some great mechanics and see what will happen with those cubes.

Stay tuned. ;)

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