Shadow Story

Software used: Unity, Photoshop

Role: Level design, Programming


In this game you control the white character while your shadow - the black one - will move in the opposite direction. The goal of this game is to meet your shadow.

While I was doing the level design, I made a level editor by Flash to help me to design the levels easier and faster.

I usually designed several levels everyweek and kept potential ones and then tweaked them.

After imported into Unity, I tested to see if there were shortcuts which I do not want to exist and then modified them.

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Level Editor

While I was designing the levels, most of the time I designed on my gridded paper. But sometimes I used this level editor I built myself to help me out.


This level editor is not playable. It's a simple Flash-made program that can show my teammates what the levels looks like by drawing on it and then save the result as an image. It's pretty much a helpful tool for myself if I don't have my papers with me.

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