Magic Masks

★ 2015 E3 College Game Competition final five [LINK↗]

★ 2015 Featured at PAX Prime, Comic Con

★ 2016 Featured at GDC, SXSW (South by South West), Comic Expo

★ 2015 Academy of Art University, Spring Show, 1st Place


Software used: Unity, Photoshop

Role: Game/Level Design

Release Date: May 2018


Magic Masks is a puzzle game in which you have to push boxes around to solve puzzles. There are four different kinds of masks to collect which give your character different special powers. For example, the Creation Mask enables you to create your own boxes out of thin air and the Teleport Mask which allows you to swap the positions of existing boxes throughout the level.


My role on the game was as a level designer which involved level layout, puzzle design, game mechanics design, object placement, systems tuning, and game debugging. I created 40 out of 71 puzzles, as well as some UI and UX design. 


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