Baby Rescue (3D)

 ★ Featured at Academy of Art University's booth in 2015 GDC


Software used: Unity, Photoshop

Role: Game Design, Project Manager


Baby Rescue (3D) is a side scrolling action game that requires the player to act fast to keep an airbourne baby in motion without hitting the ground. Players click on a variety of interactive targets to keep the baby in the air like bouncy mushrooms and umbrellas.


I was the lead game designer and project manager which involved creating gameplay documentation covering systems and mechanics as well as task lists and schedules for individual team members.




Before this version came out, there was an even earlier prototype of Baby Rescue. It was built in Flash for the PC version and Unity for the mobile version. And it is an infinite action game.

Why don't you check them out?

Baby Rescue

PC version

Baby Rescue

Mobile version